Kahn Landscaping LLC is a full-service landscaping company. This is a partial list of the equipment used. Click on any image to enlarge it:

The latest addition to our fleet - our Ford F250 pickup

This is a 1997 Ford F250 Super Cab. It will be our primary work horse.

It has a 7 1/2 foot Fisher Minute-Mount snow plow (see below.) Without the blade attached, you can't even tell it plows.

The passenger side was custom-fitted with a step to make entry and exit easier.

This truck has a heavy-duty receiver hitch.

Our Ford dump truck

Front of dump truck showing plow frame for 9' Diamond plow (see below.) When equipped with the 9' blade, this truck can plow roads as big as the Lowell Connector. It is also well suited to small roads and parking lots. It can also hold up to 7 yards of bark mulch or 3 yards of loam.

Side view of dump truck

Rear of dump truck showing port through which discharge hose of GiantVac (see below) fits. The rear doors are hinged and swing out easily for dumping debris, or loading and dumping loam, bark mulch, etc.
Click the play button to hear the dump truck

One of our trailers

This trailer has some history to it. It was given to me by one of my first customers. Actually she gave me an old camper chassis. All it had was a metal frame and wheels.

You see, she had two of them. One of them was converted into a snowmobile trailer for her and her husband. She wasn't using this one and she asked if I wanted it. I said I could probably convert it into a landscaping trailer at some point, but couldn't offer her any money for it.

She said, "Just take it." So I did. it sat in my side yard for a couple of years, then I finally decided I had a use for it - and the trailer you see here was born.

It has hinged side and rear gates for access in a variety of settings, several tubes for hand tools, a hose reel, and of course, lights. It is made of pressure-treated wood so it won't rot. It has been in continuous use for about six years now.

Our GiantVac

The discharge tube is 8 inches in diameter (that's right, NOT circumference) and fits into the hole in back of the dump truck (above)

The intake hose is 12 inches in diameter, capable of sucking up leaves, small sticks, pine cones, and more.

The motor is 20 hp, making it capable of making full use of the large intake and discharge hoses.
Click the play button to hear the GiantVac

Our Plowblades

This is a 7 1/2 foot Fisher Minute-Mount plow that goes with our F250.

The 9 foot Diamond plow (yellow) is used to plow roads as big as the Lowell Connector, as well as small roads and parking lots. The other blade is the Predator.

This is the Predator.
This is the ultimate in high-tech blades. It is 6 1/2 feet across. It uses a wireless controller. There are no wires connecting the plow controller (right) with the blade.

This is the controller. Smaller than most TV remotes, the ability to place the controller anywhere in the truck, combined with the trucks maneuverability, make it a better choice for most residential applications, and in many cases, more efficient than a full size truck with an 8 foot blade.

Our Nissan 4WD Pickup

Like the dump truck (above) this truck is always pulling, pushing, or carrying something. When the Predator blade is not attached, it does not look like a plow truck. It is a real workhorse. It even has AC electric power.

Another one of our trailers

This trailer has been modified with leaf springs capable of supporting a combined weight of 4,000 lbs (though we have never tried to test this limit.)

Rear view of utility trailer

Some other equipment

This is a Ferris dual-drive Hydrowalk walk-behind mower.

This is a Husqvarna 22" dethatcher with a 6.75 hp motor. Unlike drag-behind dethatchers which some people use behind their lawn tractors, this machine does a more thorough job than passive machines.

This is a rear view of the Ferris. The device hanging below the handles is called a sulky. The sulky gives the mower the comfort of a riding mower, the maneuverability of a walk-behind (you can operate it with the sulky hung up as it is now) and increased safety (you can jump off in an emergency.) The silver-colored device is an Accelerator aluminum grass catcher.
This page was last updated June 3, 2011