We are a full-service landscaping company, providing spring and fall cleanups, mowing, mulching, planting, fertilizing, seeding, irrigation, plowing services,

Do you have animal control problems in your garden?
Click on the video at right to see the Scarecrow in action.
Then if you are an existing customer, we will deliver and set up your scarecrow [using your garden hose] at no extra charge.
If you are not an existing customer we will send you your Scarecrow in the mail, with battery and shipping included [but not installation.]
Either way, the price is $89.95 including everything.
Heck, your kids might decide that this is more fun than a sprinkler that is on all the time and you will save water!
Water your potted plants automatically while you are away! These automatic plant watering systems are available for $5.99 regardless of system size, not including shipping.

Of course, if you want to build one yourself, just visit our blog.
This is how we make the mix that has brought us some degree of success in getting lawns to grow where other products and landscapers have failed. The bulk material is loaded on to a tarp and gets mixed in the sifter and what ends up in the wheelbarrow is what we sell. If you order the mixture with seed, then we use the cement mixer to make sure the seed is evenly dispersed
This is how the product is sold. The container is full when the mix is put in but it will settle when sitting on our trailer and getting bounced around. A container of mix this size costs $15 without seed and $20 with seed. When ordering with seed, be sure to specify where the patch mixture will be used, i.e. full sun, partial shade, or full shade, as this determines the kind of seed used. If ordering with seed, the mixture is made to order. Be sure to spread the mixture within 24 hours as the seed will start to germinate right in the container. There is a $5 "container charge" which is refunded when returning the empty container.

To order, click here.
Yes, that's right, these clocks are for sale. If you own a retail establishment with high pedestrian traffic and allow us to display one of these timepieces in a visible place, then we will give you one. If you are an existing customer, you may purchase a clock at our cost of materials which is about $12. For everyone else the price is $30.

...and there's a story that goes along with these clocks (which you get to find out about when you purchase one...)

To order, click here.

P.S. Actually the story costs $30 and when we're done we give you a free clock :-)
Click the play button to hear the dump truck

and more!

We've recently diversified our company into indoor landscaping. This may be as simple as maintenance where we go in to a commercial or residential building and water plants on a daily basis. Or it may be as complex as doing a full design-and-build of a lobby terrarium.

To request a quote, or ask us a landscaping question, just call or click on the email link by clicking here.